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EDENOLOGY Holistic Wellness is a beautiful space that supports our community through human connection. All of our Practitioner Partners are people who are passionate about people. We join our gifts, medicines and knowledge to uplift you on your healing journey.

There are many modalities and resources available to you with our Tribe of Healers. We are excited to share this space with you!

My name is Andria Lynn and I am on an incredible journey sharing the ancient wisdom of using Food & Energy Work as Medicine. I offer holistic  healing arts using Functional Nutrition and Holy Fire Reiki to address 'Panema' (illness), restoring the body, mind & soul to its innate state of balance. I am a Certified Functional Nutrition Coach, Reiki Energy & Sound Practitioner and Medicine Woman.

I love to feed people both figuratively & literally. Functional Nutrition and Soul Medicine are important modules in any stage of achieving wellness. I help you uncover root causes of health/soul challenges & support positive lifestyle changes, bridging the gap between Western Medicine & Ancient Wisdom. 

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My Story

Since I was a young girl I've always had an innate understanding of the connection between nutritional and spiritual healing. I would read the book Prescription for Nutritional Healing in the Chiropractics Office my mom worked at, captivated by all the beautiful knowledge. Flipping through books of herbs, healing foods, essential oils, natural supplements, chakra systems and crystal healing had me dreaming of studying Naturopathic Medicine.

Life took me on a different path for some time. I ended up going to Cosmetology School & opened a salon called EDEN. Being a hairdresser is wonderful but

The Divine has a way of bringing you back to your roots and putting you on the path you were meant to be on. I never let go of that dream as a young girl ...

Over the years being behind the chair, health, nutrition & spirituality are a constant conversation with my guests. With years of my self taught foundation in holistic healing through books & research plus my own personal healing journey experience, I have gained the knowledge to offer support to the people in my life. In January 2020 my son Harlan was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. I knew I had to find a way through holistic modalities & nutrition to help my son reach optimal health. This specific event was the catalyst that led me to finally getting "a proper education" in Functional Nutrition & live up to what I was called to do.

Today I am thrilled to have EDENOLOGY as a space to Reframe Nutrition for clients as a Certified Functional Nutritional Coach with a focus on Holistic & Alternative healing modalities. My practice is my passion and bringing healing to your life with these tools will improve the way you feel & support you for the rest of your life journey. 



Are you ready to Reframe your Nutrition & begin your EDENOLOGY Journey? Let's connect.

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