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Buddha Statue
Image by Saffu

Hey There

EDENOLOGY Holistic Wellness is grateful to be a Sangha Group for weekly Recovery Meetings through Recovery Dharma and offer space so our community can begin their healing journey. We are with you and look forward to sharing space on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Bring a blanket and a yoga mat to get comfortable!

Recovery Dharma offers an approach to recovery based on Buddhist Principles. Our program is peer-led and non-theistic. All are welcome who wish to pursue recovery through meditation focus and incorporate sound and vibrational therapy. At Dharma, we support and encourage your healing path  through The Four Noble Truths.

1. There is Suffering.

We commit to understanding the truth of suffering.

2. There is a cause of suffering.

We commit to understanding that craving leads to suffering.

3. There is an end to suffering.

We commit to understanding and experiencing that less craving leads to less suffering.

4. There is a path that leads to the ends of suffering.

We commit to cultivating the path.

Recovery Dharma.                                      Learn more about RecoveryDharma


We attend recovery meetings and commit to becoming an active part of the community by offering our own experiences and service wherever possible.

Friends and Mentors

We cultivate relationships within the Recovery Dharma Community to both support our own recovery and support the recovery of others.

The Path

We commit to deepening our understanding of the Four Noble Truths and to practicing the Eightfold Path in our daily lives.


We continue our study of these Buddhist principles and undertake a lifelong journey of growth and awakening.


We commit to the intention letting go of intoxicating and addictive behaviors and substances.


We commit to the intention of developing a daily meditation practice.

Inquiry & Investigation

We explore the Four Noble Truths as they relate to our addictive behavior through writing and sharing in-depth, detailed inquiries.

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