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Pink Salt

Available Wellness Services

At EDENOLOGY, our modalities are served with love. 


Salt Sanctuary Halotherapy

The Salt Sanctuary is an Active dry salt room. This room has a machine called a halogenerator. Pure pharmaceutical grade Sodium Chloride is added.

The halogenerator breaks down the salt into nano particles that circulate in the room. You will relax for 45 minutes and breathe. Benefits include anti-aging, improvement for depression/anxiety, anti-inflammatory/allergy, immunity boost.

Sober Elixirs Bar

Are you tired of alcohol lowering your vibration but you still want to relax and unwind? Be Sober Curious with us at our incredible Sober Elixirs Bar! From Kombucha to Kava & Kratom, Sparkling Mushroom Elixirs from Odyssey and complex booze free beverages infused with herbs and adaptogens to soften the edge. Come sit with us in High Vibe conversation while we connect over conscious cocktails!

Yoga & Workshops

We offer a variety of Yoga classes and workshops. From traditional styles ranging through Vinyasa, Kundalini & Yin to deeper, spiritual styles unique to each of our Yoga Artists like Ruah Elohim Yoga.

Ruah Elohim is Hebrew and translates to'Breath of God'.

This is one example of the freedom and depth you can

experience with Yoga at EDENOLOGY.

Whatever level you are or wish to expand to, we have a class that will fit your yoga journey.

Sound & Vibrational Healing Workshops

Sound has been used as a healing method for centuries. The truth is that frequency of vibration from sound impacts your mood, health & well-being. It can release unconscious trapped trauma from the body & help shift that energy out of the body. Sound wave therapy is a form of 'veritable' or measurable energy medicine. This practice is both ancient wisdom blended with modern medical science. 

Reiki Energy Work

Reiki is a form of alternative energy medicine. Using a technique called palm or hands-on healing, universal life force energy is transferred from the practitioner to the patient. It promotes relaxation, reduces stress & anxiety through gentle touch. This encourages the patient's innate energy system and biofield to shift into its own emotional and/or physical healing. Chakra tuning forks may be incorporated for additional support.

Massage & Facials

Getting personal is kind of our thing. That's why we offer personal services like massage and facials to launch you deeper in to relaxation and healing. Taking care of yourself is important. Pampering yourself should be high on your list in your self care regimen. Each massage or facial service can be custom tailored to your specific body and skin care needs. We proudly use Holistic Skin Care. 


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