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This is a Practice of Holistic Wellness using 3 core elements ... Earth, Seed & Soul Medicine. 

Earth Medicine: The use of natural resources from Mother Earth as Medicine. Experience our incredible Halotherapy Salt Sanctuary. Partake in a beautiful Cacao Ceremony. Come sit with us over a Conscious Cocktail at the Sober Elixirs Bar. Discover how to use plants, foods, herbs & oils as Medicine with Functional Nutrition Services. These are just a few ways the gifts from The Earth become your new medicine cabinet. 

Seed Medicine: Planting seeds of hope and watering them with love. EDENOLOGY is cultivating a health conscious, mindful community. Find connection and addiction support at Recovery Dharma meditation meetings. Grow your yoga practice with our yoga classes and workshops. Admire the arts when you stop by for 1st Friday Art Shows or Conscious Creators events. Seed your soul with good vibes and good company.

Soul Medicine: A Divine awakening to spiritual atonement for optimal wellness. Your body's energy centers want to be in Divine Alignment. Modalities like Reiki, Intuitive Energy Work and Sound & Vibrational therapy promote wholeness on a soul level. Nurture your soul with a facial, body treatment or massage. Release, reset and renew at one of our Spiritual Workshops. Resurrecting the sacred, finding the light and truth within you. 


Earth - Seed - Soul Medicine are interdependent tools for total mind, body & soul balance. The EDENOLOGY journey begins here. 

Andria Lynn Livingston

CFNC Functional Nutrition/Holistic Wellness/Reiki & Sound Practitioner/Medicine Woman

2611 W Colorado Ave Studio B

Colorado Springs CO 80904

719-662-3336 (EDEN)


Earth - Seed - Soul Medicine
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